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The Drums – The Drums
(Downtown Records, 2010)

Its Summer in the Northern Hemisphere, and with Summer comes the barrage of Summer albums. A good album to represent the season, is one that is light and filled with catchy pop riffs, that reminds you of driving to the beach, with the windows down, and wearing the shortest shorts that you legally can.

This is what Brooklyn band The Drums have achieved with their debut album. The adoration has been heaped on this fledgling band, most of it has come on the tail of their first single “Let’s Go Surfing”. This tune is the epitome of that Summer song. The album carries on from this, with simple, straightforward no-bullshit Phil Spector inspired pop.
There are hints here that The Drum’s have listened their way through as much Joy Division as they can- particularly obvious in “Me and the Moon” and “I Need Fun in My Life”. Sometimes too much Joy Division can be a bad thing, but The Drums don’t take it too far, managing to maintain lightness in their music.

It may be Winter in New Zealand, but the suggestion here, is to get The Drums album, put on some headphones, shades, set a beach towel on the floor by the fire, and let The Drums help you pretend you’re somewhere else.