Album Review: Lawrence Arabia- Chant Darling – Review from Issue 1 Tally Ho Magazine

Chant Darling- Lawrence Arabia (Bella Union 2009)

It’s been three years since Christchurch’s James Milne, aka Lawrence Arabia unleashed his musical genius onto those that would listen. If you haven’t heard of Lawrence Arabia, he was in pop darlings The Brunettes for several years, and fronted the Reduction Agents.

Chant Darling, Lawrence Arabia’s latest offering is 10 tracks of unashamable pop gems. Each song will get ingrained in your brain and I promise you’ll be singing them in your sleep. Having recently won the prestigious Silver Scroll award for song writing, it is understandable that the highlight of this album, of perfectly crafted tunes is Apple Pie Bed. The chorus (much like other songs on this album) is infectiously catchy. Lyrically, Chant Darling covers a broad range of topics, but he is at his best singing about relationship frustrations, such as in Beautiful Young Crew- “we love each other, we hate each other, we are afraid of each other, because we want to screw each other..”.

Lawrence Arabia is making his mark on the New Zealand music landscape with this album.