Album Review: Camera Obscura- My Maudlin Career – Review from Issue 1 Tally Ho Magazine

Camera Obscura- My Maudlin Career (4AD, 2009)

Camera Obscura will be gracing New Zealand’s shores in 2010, to promote their new album My Maudlin Career. Camera Obscura, hailing from Glasgow have produced another morose indie pop album in their fourth effort.

The album kicks off with the single “French Navy” which doesn’t really set the tone for the album well. It is more in the league of “Hey Lloyd, I’m Ready To Be Heartbroken” from their previous release, “Lets Get Out Of This Country” [2006, Merge Records]. Most of rest of the album is slower, sadder and a little bit country. The musically upbeat songs, Honey In the Sun and French Navy, feel like they’re just there to stop you from crying in your obligatory twee cup of tea as you follow vocalist Tracyanne Campbell’s tales riddled with vulnerability and unrequited love. The instrumentation, which is heavily laden in strings sometimes distracts from what would otherwise be some beautiful and simple songs.

Die hard Camera Obscura fans will still love it, and seeing them when they tour will still be a special treat, however My Maudlin Career might be a bit much for those still trying to find their feet in the world of melancholy twee.