Film News/Preview: SUBMARINE

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Its not often every film critic on the planet agrees on a film being brilliant, but every since film festivals in the Northern Hemisphere screened Submarine, it seems they all just can’t stop gushing.

Submarine marks the debut of Richard Ayoade as a feature film director. Ayoade, is better known to most as Moss in the IT Crowd. Here he not only shows he’s got the chops as a director, but he also wrote the screenplay adapted from Joe Dunthorne’s novel of the same name.

The story of Submarine follows Oliver Tate, a 15 year old boy coming to terms with everything that adolescence brings.
With reviewers making statements like this: “Directors take note: you can all stop making films about adolescence now, because Richard Ayoade’s Submarine says it all. It’s funny, beautiful, imaginative and the final word on awkward, pretentious duffle-coated youth.” from Den Of Geek …one can’t help but get a little excited to see this.

Looking forward to Submarine getting a New Zealand/Australian release date. In the meantime, enjoy the trailer:


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