Who is Fran?

Fran Miller-Pezo goal driven, hard worker who thrives in demanding situations.

I am committed to client satisfaction by being innovative, professional and having a keen attention to detail and am always willing to take up new and varied challenges.

In New Zealand, I tour managed bands as well as organised and promoted events. I ran was the chairperson of a charitable group called Red Panda Trust which organised All Ages events across the city of Christchurch as well as assisted bands touring nationally. As part of this I have also had the chance to write about local music and arts. (See the writing link above)

Through this job I was involved with writing press releases, figuring
out tour logistics and dealing with musicians on a daily basis. One of
the projects that I created through Red Panda was Tally Ho Magazine
(http://www.tallyhomagazine.co.nz/). This project (funded by the New
Zealand Government) combines both print and online issues relating to
music and culture in Christchurch and around New Zealand. It employed
5 full time staff who are still currently producing monthly issues.

I have strong interest in music, design, technology, and good old fashioned arts and crafts. I have trained in Architectural Design and have prior work experience in government agencies (Health Board and City Council).

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